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Video Legacy

Below is video of Billy and / or material that he has written. No copyright infringement intended.

"Keep Away" sung by Anthony Newley written by Billy Barnes

"Blondes" was written for Goldie Hawn and Carol Channing on Laugh-In.  Billy earned his first Emmy nomination for this song/performance.

June Christy sings "Something Cool" on Playboy's Penthouse, 1959. It's a hit.

Jo Anne Worley is "Loud" on Laugh-In. Billy behind the keys.

Ruth Buzzi "Laughing" on Laugh-In.

Billy wrote every "News" segment for Laugh-In.

Billy wrote two number for the opening of  Walt Disney World in Florida, "There's More", and "Wonderful World Full of Love".

Dyan Cannon sings"Too Long at the Fair" on the Danny Kaye Show.

"Legendary Ladies" for Carol Burnett and Cher for The  Carol Burnett Show

"The World is a Mess" for the Jackson 5 on the Cher Show.

Billy got an Emmy nomination for The Gloria Majestic Story on  from "The Sonny & Cher Show".

Billy writes the opening for the Academy Awards in 1972. Joel Gray sings "Lights, Camera, Action".

And also in 1973. Angela Lansbury sings "Make A Little Magic" to open the Academy Awards.

"Stake in my Heart" with Dan Rowan.

"Trashy Ladies" for the Cher Show. Yep. An Emmy nomination.

Barbra gives Billy a hit. 

Billy's close friend Rosemary Clooney sings "Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair". 

Billy wrote "There's More" and "Wonderful World Full of Love" for The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World TV Special

The Tierney Sutton Band performs "Something Cool".

The Grand Dame Carole Cooke sings "Something Cool" at the STAGE Benefit in LA, 2014.

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