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Sheet Music Titles*

The Foundation continues to collect and archive Billy's catalogue. If you know of a title not listed below, please contact us. *Titles in white = The Foundation has a copy of the sheet music and/or lyric sheet. Titles in grey = The Foundation knows they exist but does not have the physical sheet music.  If you would like a copy of any of the titles email us with the form below. We kindly ask for a donation of $5.00 (or more) so we can pay the music publishing fee to the proper music publisher. The "DONATE" button is listed above.

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A Football Widow?

A Grand Fellow

A Great Idea for Jo Anne Worley

A Life Of Crime

A Little Lift written for Jane A. Johnston

A HEP Fairy Tale for Dinah Shore, Diana Ross and Lucy Ball from the TV Special HEP

A Revue, A Revue, A Revue!

A Team For Tonight for Carol and Barbara

A Ticket for the Game

A Touch Of Spring

A Very Nice Sermon from Baby Face O'Flynn

A Woman's Place

A World Of Clothes for John Davidson


ABC presents Tomorrow's Stars - ABC Television

Academy Award Selections - Billy Barnes Hollywood​


(The) Actor


Add a Little Color

(The) Adventure

Adventure from Murder at the Villa Ragacci


Advertising Hoedown

Afraid To Love

(The) Agent Song

Ain't Gonna Take Our Clothes Off Tonight

Ain't Got Nothing to Wear 

Ain't No One Like a Beemis for Fabian, Gale Gordon & Bobby

(The) Akron from Billy Barnes L.A.

Alan Carr Party



Alice Blue Gown

All American Boy

(The) All American Dish

All That Glitters Isn't (Abby Lane)

All That Glitters Isn't (Goldie)

All The World's a Stage

Alphabet Soup Song

Always A Boy

Aways A Bridesmaid

Always A Redhead

Always A Woman

Always Keep 'Em Laughin'

Ambivalent from Best Friends

American Dance Medley


And I Like


Anything Goes Parody

Anything You Can Do Parody

(The) Apathy News for Laugh-In

Are You Somebody?

Around the World 

(The) Artist Song


As Long As It's Tasteful

Ask Me Something Personal

At The Mac Dougals

At Rev'rend Le Roy's

At The Cotton Club

At The Grand

At The Moving Picture Ball


(The) Audition






Baby Face O'Flynn from Baby Face O'Flynn

Back At The Gardenia

Back Home in Sicily fro Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Backers Audition Songs

(The) Ballad of Lil' Red Riding Hood for Danny Kaye

Ballet News from Laugh-In

Balloons from the Danny Kaye Show


Bashful, Backwards & Shy

Bashful Boy from Baby Face O'Flynn

Basically We're Elegant

Be A Good Gal Daisy Mae from The Naked Truth

Be A Good Sport

Be Somebody

Be Yourself

Beach Party Part 1 for Bobby Vinton

Beast Of Bikini Beach for Bobby Vinton

Beatle Girl Dance

(The) Bed


Beautiful Lady

(The) Beautiful People

Being With You from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Benevolent Society

Bein' Santa

(The) Best Things


Bette Joan Hepburn

Better Than


Big Bad Bill for JoNelle from Monty Hall at Sea World

Big Eye Granny from (The) Ballad of Lil' Red Riding Hood

(The) Big Salute

Big Salute Rock

Big Spender

Big Time Crime

Bigger& Better & More

Black Lace Mantilla

Blame It On The Movies


Blooper for Henry Gibson from Laugh-In

Blondes from Laugh-In for Goldie Hawn & Carol Channing

Blondes (Intro)

Blowin' Away


Bonjour Monsieur

Boppin at the Fiesta

Bored, Bored, Bored

Born Beautiful Part One from Best Friends

Born Beautiful Part Two from Best Friends

Born Beautiful Part Three from Best Friends

Born Beautiful Part Four from Best Friends

Bouquets To Brazil

Boy From Ipenema

Boys From Home

(The) Bozo Award

Brand New Spectacles

(The) Braves Lament

Bronx To Bagdad for Tony Curtis

Brother Can You Spare A Dime Parody for Tony Randall

Brother Ray and Sister Cher from the Cher Show

Brownstone Theme

Burbank Munchkins

(The) Burbank Terminal Airport from Laugh-In

Buns, Buns, Buns for both Jane A. Johnston and Laugh-In

Burgers Finale - All American Dish

Burlesque Is Alive...!

Busby Berkley Girl

BWW Broadway Musical

Bye Bye Little Red

(The) C.B. Hoedown

Cabaret Medley for Meg Bennett

California Songs


Captain's Daughter for Nancy Dussault

Career Girls

Carol (Channing) from The World of Bob Mackie

Carol Theme from The World of Bob Mackie

Catch A Star


Cancer Song Hello

(The) Caribbean Cruise


Casablanca Was A Dandy


(The) Censors

Celebrating The Twenties  for Carol Burnett, Harvey Norman, Tim Conway, Bernadette Peters from the Carol Burnett Show

Challenge Dance

Changing Of The Guard

Chaplin Walked Here from Movie Star

Chasity Bono Broadcasting System

Cheer Up Song


Chewing Tonight

Chicken Man

(The) Chicken Plucker

Chicken Weenie Song

Chilli and Beans


Church Boy Social fromBaby Face O'Flynn

Cigarette Advertising

Circus Is Coming To Town

Circus Song

Circus Time for Cast from Laugh-In

Class and Elegance

Classic Ingredients

(The) Clock

Clothes for Dinah Shore

Clown It Up

Clownin's Not My Calling

Cole Porter for Juliet Prowse

Come Follow The Band

(The) Comic

Commissioner's Song



(The) Computer Dating Service

Consider Yourself Paraody

(The) Contessa's Two Confessions from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

(Bert) Convery's Nightclub Act

Coo Coo Laugh-In World for Laugh-In

Coo Coo Laugh-In World #2 for Laugh-In

Cossack Boys

Could You Use Me?

Country Folk Go To The Circus

Country Medley for Jim Stafford

Covered Wagon Song


Cowgirl News for Laugh-In

Crazy World w/Earl Brown for Mac Davis

Credit Card Love

Crime & Punishment for Goldie Hawn's backers audition Pure Goldie

Cross Country

Cute Cabana Beautiful Beach

Cyndi (Lauper)

Raquel for Raquel Welch

Razzle Dazzle lyric sheets sheets Hudson Bros. Razzle Dazzle Show

Razzle Dazzle Wrap Up from Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show

Red Hot Polka

Relationships for various artists including Robin Williams and Cher


(A) Reservation Vacation for Connie Stevens and Judy Carne

Reverend Moore

(A) Revue, A Revue, A Revue!

(The) Revue for Ruth Buzzi

Rhinestone Trucker for Paul

Rhythm Of The Operating Room for Cher, Val, Ruth, Cast

Rich and Famous from Best Friends

(The) Riviera for Lili

Robert Vaughn - A Tribute for Bert Convey

Rock News from Laugh-In

Rome for Peggy Lee


Rosie the Riverter from Ann-Margaret Act


Ruby's Back In Town for Barbara Sharma

Rumors for Goldie Hawn, Ruth Buzzi, Lily Tomlin

Running Away To Happiness (With Y-O-U)

Russian Song

(A) Russian Strip for Eve Arden and Arte Johnston

Ruth Buzzi Club Act

Queen Of Equity Waiver for Carole Cook from The Divas Album

Questions? for Jan, John, Mary, Mike

Questions Children Ask for Danny Kaye

Quickies for various artists = The Monkees and Sonny & Cher from Laugh-In

(The) Pageant Of Ulysses S. McCall

(A) Painfully Shy Person for Danny Kaye


(The) Paparazzi for Debbie Reynolds

Palisades Park

(The) Paper Bag w/ Earl Brown for Vic, Carol, Gail, Don

Paree for Jo Anne Worley from Laugh-In

Park Medley from Monty Hall at Sea World

Party Going On Somewhere from Best Friends

Patter Songs for Dennis Weaver

Paul Williams Medley for Paul Williams & Mac Davis

Peace Corps

Penbrook Story aka The Ivy League

People Are

People Are The Craziest Things for Dick Martin from Laugh-In

People, People, Lovely, Lovely People

(The) Perfect Dress

Permanent Director w/Earl Brown

Personal Property


(The) Peter Pan Flyer for Alan Seuss

(A) P.I.A.N.O. w/Earl Brown for Vic, Carol, Gail, Don from S. Show #9

(The) Pig Sty

(The) Pieces Fit from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Pleasure for Danny Kaye & Lucy et al

Playboy Pussycat from Lil' Abner The Naked Truth

Poise With A Capital P

Politics for James, Coco, Alan, Johnny, Dennis

Pollution for Bobby Darrin & Cast

(The) Post Office Tango from Laugh-In

Postman Who Delivers The Mail

Pretty Boy for Sonny Bono from Sonny & Cher

(A) Prison Song for Joey & Cast

Private Eye for Bob Rogers and Be

Protest Song for Kaye Ballard for Laugh-In

Psychosomatic Tango  w/Earl Brown for Cher

Pure Goldie Theme for Goldie Hawn from the TV Special Pure Goldie

(The) Office for the Cast from Laugh-In

Offspring Blues

Old Friends for Gwen Verdes and Danny Kaye

Oldies But Goodies for Cast

Olivia's Spiritual Song for Olivia Newton John

(The) Olympic Ladies for Girls from Laugh-In

On Being Sorta Short for Arte Johnson, Henry Gibson, Sammy Davis Jr.

(The) One And Only Burbank Football Team for Inga Swenson & Cast

One More Drink for Tim Conway, Dick Martin & Cast from Laugh-In

One Step Behind w/Earl Brown for Danny Kaye & Eddie Albert

One More Time

Oriental Art Of Self-Defense for The Smothers Brothers

(The) Orient Express w/Earl Brown

Oscar Tonight!

(The) Other One

Outlaw with George Eckstein for Ann Morgan Guilbert 

Name Of This State Is Texas

Natural High for Debbie Reynolds

Naughty Little Girl

Naughty Mobster for Zero Mostel from Laugh-In

Navy Blue And 14 Carat Gold


Neurotic, Psychotic

New Girl

(The) New Religion

New Spectacles w/Earl Brown

New York

New York, New York / The Fleet's In for Cher & Diahann Carroll from Dolls In The Navy

New York vs LA for Janice & John

News from Laugh-In / Apache News for Dom Deluise

News from Laugh-In / Apathy News

News from Laugh-In / Bali News

News from Laugh-In / Ballet News

News from Laugh-In / Bathing Beauties for Jean Stapleton

News from Laugh-In / Biker Girls for Cher

News from Laugh-In / Black Cat News

News from Laugh-In / Boogie Woogie News

News from Laugh-In / Brazilian Bombshell News

News from Laugh-In / Busby News for Sandy Duncan

News from Laugh-In / C. Ward News for Sammy Davis Jr.

News from Laugh-In / Cabaret Girls News

News from Laugh-In / Can Can News

News from Laugh-In / Carol Rock News

News from Laugh-In / Charlie Chaplin

News from Laugh-In / Christmas Snowflake News

News from Laugh-In / Clara Ward for Sammy Davis Jr.

News from Laugh-In / Cowboy News for Arte Johnson

News from Laugh-In / Cowgirl News

News from Laugh-In / Dervish News

News from Laugh-In / Dinah's Marching News for Dinah Shore

News from Laugh-In / Desi News for Desi Arnaz

News from Laugh-In / Durante News

News from Laugh-In / Dutch Girls

News from Laugh-In / Flamenco News

News from Laugh-In / Follies News for Raquel Welch

News from Laugh-In / Floradora News

News from Laugh-In / French Maids

News from Laugh-In / Girls with Balls

News from Laugh-In / Geisha Girls aired 3/17/69

News from Laugh-In / Goldie & Girls

News from Laugh-In / Greek News for Robert Goulet

News from Laugh-In / Gypsy News

News from Laugh-In / Harem Lady News

News from Laugh-In / Hillbilly News

News from Laugh-In / Hula Girls and Muscle Man

News from Laugh-In / Irish Washer Woman News

News from Laugh-In / Isadora Duncan News

News from Laugh-In / Jo Anne Worley News for Jo Anne Worley

News from Laugh-In / Jockey News

News from Laugh-In / Lolly Sisters News for Lily Tomlin & Ruth Buzzi

News from Laugh-In / Liza Cabaret News w/Lucie Arnaz

News from Laugh-In / Mae West News

News from Laugh-In / Matador News

News from Laugh-In / Mexican Hat Dance News

News from Laugh-In / Minsrtal News

News from Laugh-In / Moon Walkers for Debbie Reynolds

News from Laugh-In / Neighborhood News

News from Laugh-In / New Hillbilly News

News from Laugh-In / Newsboy News for Debbie Reynolds

News from Laugh-In / Nightclub Lady News for Debbie Reynolds

News from Laugh-In / Old Stripper News

News from Laugh-In / Orphan Annie News

News from Laugh-In / Peasant Lady News for Zero Mostel

News from Laugh-In / Penguins and Mermaids

News from Laugh-In / Pilgrim Cutie News

News from Laugh-In / Popeye The Sailor News

News from Laugh-In / Rockette News for Liza Minelli

News from Laugh-In / Rock News

News from Laugh-In / Roller Derby Girls

News from Laugh-In / Ruby and Dick News

News from Laugh-In / Russian Peasant News

News from Laugh-In / Sadie Thompson News

News from Laugh-In / Santa and Elves

News from Laugh-In / Secretaries

News from Laugh-In / Sinatra News

News from Laugh-In / Snowflake Fairy News

News from Laugh-In / Sophisticated Lady News

News from Laugh-In / Southern Belle News for Dyan Cannon

News from Laugh-In / Stolen Life for Bette Davis

News from Laugh-In / St. Patricks News for Jo Anne Worley & Girls

News from Laugh-In / Tappin' News

News from Laugh-In / Tina Turner for Tina Turner, Robin Williams, Ben Powers, Bill, Michael Sklar

News from Laugh-In / Tiny Tim

News from Laugh-In / Trio - Lily Tomlin, Ruth Buzzy, Arte Johnson

News from Laugh-In / Twenties News for Robert Goulet

News from Laugh-In / Vagabond Lover News for James Caan

News from Laugh-In / Valentino News

News from Laugh-In / Viking Women for Jo Anne Worley, Milton Berle & Girls

News from Laugh-In / Washington Secretary

News from Laugh-In / Wedding Mother News

News from Laugh-In / Whirling Dervish News

News from Laugh-In / Weirdo News

News from Laugh-In / Wooden Soldier

News from Laugh-In / Zee Can Can News for Phyllis Diller

News Media Song for Carl & Cast

Newsreel Intro

Next Week - East Lynne from Best Friends

Nice Up (Barbra) for Ruth Buzzy

No Nose Knows for Danny Kaye

No Room In Her Heart

No Two People for Tudi and Michel


Not To Me for Paul Lynde

Nothing Is New To Me Kid 

Nothing Nicer Than A Nonsense Song for Cher & The Hudson Brothers

Nouvelle Cuisine for Jane A. Johnston from The Divas Album


Daddy Could Swear, I Declare for Gladys Knight and The Pips

Dan And Dick And George and Ed from Laugh-In

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance - Laugh - Sing

(The) Dark Horse

Darlin' Of The U.S.N. for Jojo Starbuck

Dead Romance

Death for Goldie Hawn's backers audition for Pure Goldie

Debbie Reynolds in Las Vegas

Detectives, Detectives for Raymond Burr

(The) Diamond Polisher

Dick for Dick Martin

Did You Hear About? from Best Friends

Diff'rent Strokes

Dig That Polka Dot Bikini for Fabian from Bobby Vinton TV Special

Dinah for Dinah Shore

Disco Baby

Dish With You from Best Friends


Dissertation On The Condition Of Women's Apparel for Dinah Shore

Do A Take for Cher

Do A Take for Laugh-In

Do Me a Favor from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Do You Remember? from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days

Doctor Doctor

Does Anybody Here Love Me for Joyce Jameson and Eileen Barnett from Movie Star

Dogpatch Disko from The Naked Truth

Dogpatch Is A Very Moral Town from The Naked Truth

Doin' The Bonz

Doin' It For The War for Juliet Prowse

Doin' The Mafioso for Laugh-In

Don Loper Presents

Donny and Marie Osmond Show

Don't Bother

Don't Call Me

Don't Call Me I'll Call You

Don't Give Me Tomorrow

Don't Rain On My Parade Paraody for Florence Henderson

Don't Regret

(I'm Luckier Than) Dorian Gray

Down At Derby Dan's from Baby Face O'Flynn

Downtown Burbank for Judy Carne & Connie Stevens for Laugh-In

Dr. Dinwittie's Cure

(The) Dream

(The) Drinking Song


(The) Dum-Da-Dum Song

(The) Dum Dum Song for Laugh-In

(The) Duty Of A Shiek for Danny Kaye


Easter Medley

Easy Being President?

Easy Being Rip for Rip Taylor

Easy Street

Economy Song


Elise Janis from Ann-Margaret Act

Elizabeth (Taylor)

(Fan Into) Elizabeth

(The) Elizabeth Vanities from Movie Star

Elton from Billy & Marvin at Studio One

Elvis, Oh Elvis

Elvis Type Songs for Bobby Vinton's TV Special

(The) End Of The World

(The) Enterprising People

Esther, Sonja And Carmen from Movie Star

(Fan Intro) for Esther, Sonja And Carmen from Movie Star

Evelyn Nesbit Thaw from Ann-Margret Act

Even Dogpatch Gets A Little Borning from Spaced Out

Every Night Is Opening Night

Everybody's Crazy

Everybody Wants to be a Movie Star from Movie Star


Exercise Song

Extraordinary Girl

Saddle Up A Rainbow

Sailing Away... Bye Bye! from Best Friends

Sailing Ship for Mac Davis from The Mac Davis Show

Sailors Song

(The) Sailors In Love With You

Salute To Censorship for Roddy McDowell & Cast

Salute To Crime for Cast

Salute To The Establishment

Salute To Income Tax for Laugh-In aired 3/17/1969

Salute To Mothers-In-Law

Salute To A Salesman for Cast from Laugh-In

Salute To Smoking

Same Ole Bump And Grind for Dinah Shore

San Simeon

Santa Claus Song

Satin Doll for Juliet Prowse

Saturday Night In Dog Patch

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings for Paul Lynde's Halloween Special

Season's Greetings for Rod Warren

Secret Ambitions for Mac, Loretta, Jack, John

(The) Selling Song for Jack Klugman and Cast

Sex and Marriage

Sex and Violence

Sh-Boom for Gale Gordon and Eve Arden

Shoes for Pia Zordora

(A) Short History Of The Revue

(A) Short History Of The U.S.A.

Short People for Paul Williams, Andy

Show Biz for Tony Curtis & Cast from Laugh-In

Show Biz Is My Life for Cher, Marty, Terri

Show Voice for Karen Morrow from The Divas Album

(The) Show's In Trouble


Showtime from The World of Bob Mackie

(The) Silver Arches - The All American Dish w/Earl Brown for Cher, Wayne, Nancy & Company

Singin' Dancin' Clownin' Around for Cher and Freddie

Singin' and Dyin' and Cryin' and Goin' Away w/Earl Brown

Singing Ladies for Ruth Buzzi


Sixties Rock


Small Town Girl

Smile, Smile, Smile Through Everything for Dinah Shore

Soap Opera

(The) Solution from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Some Kind Of Woman

Somebody Bad Hurt The Village Bell w/Earl Brown

Somehow We'll Try To Get Along for Cast from Laugh-In

Something Cool

Something Special/Special Material Billy's signature song

Somewhere Up Yonder from Baby Face O'Flynn

(The) Son of A Gun from The Good War

Son Of A Gun We're Gonna Have A Good Show

Soul Sisters for Carol Channing/Teresa Graves & Goldie/Gladys

(The) Sound Of Words

Southern Nights (Intro) for Bobbie

Spaced Out Ladies from Lil Abner

Speak Up America

Special Material Medley: Blondes, Leading Ladies, Trashy Ladies

(The) Spirit Of Adventure

Spooky Movies for Carol / Penny / Vicki

Sports w/Earl Brown

St. Patrick's News for Jo Anne Worley & Girls from Laugh-In

Stars Behind The Stars

Start Over for Joyce Jameson

Status for Sonny and Cher from Laugh-In

Step Right Up

Sticks and Stones A Musical Revue

Stout Hearted Men for Madame and Wayland Flowers

Straw Hat Song for Danny Kaye and Catarina Valente

Strike Up The Band (Sing A Song With Me - Intro)  for Keith, Don, Beau, Vicky, John

String Dance for Goldie Hawn

(A) Strip In Reverse for Juliet Prowse

Super Night At The Super Bowl for Andy Williams, Sammy Davis Jr., Elliott Gould

(The) Subject Was Dance/It Isn't Easy for Nancy Dussault

Sweet Young Thing


Sweets Lament

Swinging Singles for Dyan Cannon, Sarah & Donna

Syncopation Of Hollywood for Laugh-In Cast


Faces from Movie Star

(The) Fair In A Day for Danny Kaye

(The) Family for Liza Minelli

(The) Farkle for Laugh-In  

Farrah (Fawcett)

(The) Father Mother

Fatties for Sally Struthers

Feel Free



Fella Needs a Friend

Fern Farraday

Fiesta Musicale

(The) Fights 

(The) Fifties from Best Friends      

(The) Fifties for Sammy Davis Jr.

Fifty Count 'Em Fifty

Fifty Fabulous Years from 1978 Academy Awards

Fingers And Strings for Goldie Hawn

(The) First Day On The Job for Buddy Ebsen

(The) First Time Ever I Saw Your Face for Florence Henderson

Flaming Desire

Flash In The Pan from Movie Star

Flip Wilson Show 1979

Florence for Florence Henderson from Monty Hall at Sea World

(The) Flying Mother

Folk Song

Food Glorius Food Parody for Elliott Gould

Foolin' Ourselves

Foolish The Heart

(A) Football Widow for Ruth Buzzi

For All The Wrong Reasons

For Grownups

(The) Formula

Forties Concert for Cher, Freddie, Pointer Sisters, Teri

(The) Forties Medley from Laugh-In for Ruth Buzzy

(The) Forties Opener from The Forties Musical for Juliet Prowse

Fred from Movie Star

(The) Funeral from Murder at the Villa Ragacci


(To Play The) Game

(The ) Game from Super Night '78 for Andy & Paul Williams & Joe Nameth

Geraldine from Flip Wilson Show for Flip Wilson


Get Ruth for Ruth Buzzi

Get Happy Opener for Monty Hall at Sea World

Getting To Know Us

Gilbert and Sullivan for Danny Kaye

Gimme An F.B.I.

Girls Are Smarter for Cher and Jean Stapleton

Goodbye Larney from Baby Face O'Flynn

Goodbye Sweetheart from Baby Face O'Flynn

Goodbye To Mama from The Good War

Grand Fellow A

Grand Opening of Walt Disney World

Gun Moll

Guys Who Play


Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair

Hallelujah Hollywood

Happy Birthday Las Vegas

Headline Ladies from Ann-Margaret Act



Hello Girl

Hello Love and Marriage for Davy Jones and Judy Carne from Laugh-In

Here Is My Life for Carol Cook from her act and The Diva's Album

Here We Are

Hi-Siberia for Goldie Hawn's backers audition Pure Goldie

High In The Saddle

Hold It - The All American Dish

Hollywood Went Latin -40's

Honolulu Luau Wow Wow Wow for Cast from Laugh-In

Hot Diggity - Dog Patch for Rita Moreno

Hotchky Potchsky for Goldie Hawn's backer's audition Pure Goldie

How Many Daddies from Billy Barnes Hollywood

How Miss Welch for Raquel Welch

How To from Laugh-In for Sonny and Cher

Howard, Harold and Hugh

Hudson Brothers

(The) Human Element

Humpty Dumpty from Hudson Bros. Razzle Dazzle Show

Hung Up From Hanging In from Best Friends


I Am Woman from Maude's Bi Centennial 

I Always Try To Be Honest from Laugh-In for Joey Bishop

I Dig Rock N Roll

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

I Fear My Life Is Ruined for Ann-Margaret

I Flip

I Gotta Son from Pinocchio

I Had To Love You

I Like Flying from The Danny Kaye Show

I Like It from Pinocchio for Sandy Duncan

I Like You

I Like Trains from Footprints On The Ceilings

I Love Inflammation for Paul Lynde

I Love Lance A Lot for Goldie Hawn

I Love The Ladies for Arte Johnson

I Loves Ya Daisy Mae Gal

I Made May West

I Must Act

I Sing The News

I Wanna Go Home from Pinocchio

I Want To Be A Mousketter

I Went To A Marvelous Party

I Wouldn't Hurt A Hair On Book / Autobiography

I Yi Yi Yi Like You Very Much

I'd Have Baked A Cake from Happy Birthday Las Vegas for Charro

If I Could Start All Over for Sandy Duncan from Pinocchio

I'll Never Be The Same for Liza Minelli

I'll Own The World

I'm A Bunny Honey for Flip Wilson

I'm A No Jealous for Danny Kaye

I'm A No Worried

I'm Glad My Fur Is  A Phony for Jackie Joseph

I'm Glamour, I'm Beautiful for Kaye Ballard & Ruth Buzzi from Laugh-In

If It Makes You Happy

If It Wasn't For People

It Isn't Easy for Juliet Prouse

I'm Following You for Carol Burnett and Cher from Cher Show aired May 11, 1975 on CBS

I'm Glamorous for Kaye Ballard & Ruth Buzzy

I'm Gonna Build A Monster from the Danny Kaye Show

I'm Gonna Make It from Best Friends

I'm Rugged But I'm Shy from Shore Leave

I'm The Dark Horse

I'm The First Girl for Goldie Hawn

I'm Thinking Of My Darling

I'm Too Old To Be Young for Danny Kaye

In And Out

Intro for Bobby Sherman  from  Monty Hall at Sea World

Indiana Wigwam

Indiana for Danny Kaye

Insurance from Laugh-In

Irish Washer Women from Laugh-In

Is There A Party Going On Somewhere from Best Friends

It All Depends On You

It All Started With The Wheel

It Happened Over Night

It's Easy To Fool A Town from Lil Abner

It's Great To Be A Movie Star from Lil Abner

It's Love

It's Not Easy

It's Not Winter It's Summer

It's Tough To Be A Dancer (In An Ann-Margret Act)

It's The Moments (That Make The Memories)

It's Tragic! for Flip Wilson

It's Tough To Be A Dancer for Ann-Margret

Italian Wedding Song

I've Fallen In Love With...

I've Got A Lot In Common With You

I've Gotta Feelin It's Love

I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen from The Good War

I Recommend a Mystery from Villa Ragacci

If I Could Start All Over from Pinocchio

I'll Drink to That from Laugh-In for Sandy Duncan, Dan & Dick

I'm A Fan

I'm The Only One

(The) Ingredients -  The All American Dish

It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow

(The) Ivy League aka The Pembrook Story



Take Love

Talent for John Ritter

Talkin' to Myself for Danny Kaye from Pinocchio 1976

Talk To The Animals for Charles Nelson Reilly from Monty Hall at Sea World

Tambo And Bones

Tammy, Loretta And Me for Nancy/Kim/Toad


Teams for Sonny and Cher

Ten Cents A Dance For Tony Randall

Thank You from Laugh-In Thanksgiving 1972

Thank You Thank You for Billy Barnes and Jo Anne Worley

Thank You White Man for James Gardner from Laugh-In

Thanksgiving Lament

Thanksgiving Reunion

That Face for Diahann Carroll

That Old Morality - Mod World Song

That Tambourine for Vic, Carol, Gail

That's Entertainment Medley for Clifton and Jonelle

That's The Kind Of Guy I Am w/Earl Brown for John Davidson

That's What I Like About The South for Sonny, Cher, McLean Stevenson

There Ain't No One Like Elvis for Bobby Vinton, Fabian, Gale

There Was A Little Girl for Danny Kaye

There's Always A Boy for Joyce Jameson

There's More for The Disneyland Special

There's Nothing Wrong With Our Values

There's Something Going on Here from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

(The) Akron from Billy Barnes L.A.

(The) Ballad Of Little Red Riding Hood for Danny Kaye

(The) Elizabeth Vanities from Movie Star

(The) Fair In A Day for Danny Kaye

(The) Formula

(The) Forties Opener

(The) Game from Super Night '78 for Paul & Andy William & Joe Nameth

(The) Human Element

(The) Ladies

(The) Ladies In My Life

(The) Lady Had Stars In Her Eyes

(The) Late Show for Debbie Reynolds

(The) Law Is On Our Side from Laugh-In

(The) Life Of The Party

(The) Luau for Monty Hall from Monty Hall at Sea World 

(The) Man Behind The Woman

(The) Matinee

(The) Me, Jane Mother

(The) Men of Shiel for Harvey Korman

(The) Mermaid Song

(The) Merry J Trio

(The) Miracle Business for Dick Shawn

(The) Mistress Of A Fabulous Man

(The) Mummy Mother for Lily Tomlin from Laugh-In

(The) Music Store Song for Mac Davis

(The) Musical Fairy Tale for Dinah, Diana, Dick, Dan

(The) Musical Question for Victoria, John, Keith, Beau

(The) New Religion

(The) Other One

(The) Tapioca for Danny Kaye and Gwen Verdon

(The) Team from Best Friends

(The) Team for Carol Channing and Alan King

(The) Theatre for Danny Kaye and Sandy Duncan

(The) Theatre for Carol and Barbara

(The) Theatre Has Come To L.A.

(The) Thirties for Danny Kaye 

(The) Three Sisters from Baby Face O'Flynn

(The) Three Sisters Reprise from Baby Face O'Flynn

(The) Tip O'Neil Song

(The) Tour

(The) Town That Won't Sleep for Totie Fields

(The) Trades

(The) Trial for Danny Kaye, Shirley Jones, Harvey Korman, Righteous Brothers

(The) T.V. Comics

(The) Undertaker's Song

(The) Unemployment Line

(The) Villian

(The) Virgin Islands

(The) Walnut Clan

(The) Wanderer for Sally Struthers from Bobby Vinton Special

(The) Wedding Night

(The) Weekend Athlete for Bill Cosby

(The) West w/Paul Weston for Fess Parker, Client Eastwood, Buddy Hackett

(The) Western from Movie Star

(The) World Is A Carnival

(The) World Is Yours

(The) Year To Forget

(The) Yogi Sixties for JoAnne Worley and Teresa Graves

They're Playing Our Favorite Song

Things I Want To Do for Juliet Prowse

Things That Go Bump for Laugh-In Cast

Things That Go Bump In The Night for Cher

This Airline for Mac Davis

This Is It! w/ Dick Priborsky

This Is The Love

This Is The People's Choice

This Little Boy for Danny Kaye from Pinocchio

Three Dog Nights

Three Elvis Type Songs

Three Naughty Ones

Three Sisters

Thursday Songs

Ticket For the Game

Tickle Me for Goldie Hawn

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Marquee for Sonny,Cher,Norman Lear

Tijuana for Henry Gibson

Tina Turner News Song w/Robin Williams, Ben Powers, Bill, Michael Sklar

To Be A Santy Clause

To Come

To Keep My Love Alive for Phyllis Diller and Cher

(To Play) The Game

Toast Of The Town

Tomorrow The World for Desilu, Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball

Too Old To Be Young for Danny Kaye and Amzie Strickland

Top Secret Merchandise

Toys For Christmas for Steve Lawrence and Cast from Laugh-In

Trashy Ladies for Cher and Bette Midler from The Cher Show (partial)

Trouble In Guadalupe

Trouble With Men for Cher and Nancy Walker

Trust Me from In League With Ivy

Try Our Airlines (Commercial) from Far Out Revue

T.V.'s a Wonderful Thing

T.V. Title Songs Etc...

Twentieth Century Fox for Christopher Callen from Movie Star

Two Confessions from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Two Lost Teen-Agers for Stockard Channing, Bobby Vinton from Bikini Beach

Two Of A Kind for Cher and Raquel Welch

Tyler My Boy


Ugly Is Beautiful

Underground Papers for Arte Johnson and Barbara Feldon

Undertaker's Song

Unemployment Line

Unfriendly Divorce

Universal Appeal

Unmistakably Dorothy




(The) Valley for Eileen Barnett

(The) Vamp aka The Vamp, Champ, Tramp and Camp

Varsity Drag


Vaudeville Song

Vegas Barbecue for Wayne Newton

Very Best Shot

Very Nice Sermon from Baby Face O'Flynn

Vickie for Danny Kaye

Victoria Solves It from Murder at the Villa Ragacci


Virgin Islands for Ruth Buzzi

Voice Over for BJ Ward from the Divas Album



Jack Be Nimble from Hudson Bros. Razzle Dazzle Show

Jackie, Elaine & Nancy for Danny Kaye


Jammim: A Gym

Jane, Vanessa & Joan

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans from Playmates

Jekyl & Hyde

Jerome Went To Europe


Jig Saw Puzzel Song

Jinx Therapy from Best Friends

Joan Collins

Joan from Billy Barnes Hollywood

Job Songs from Laugh-In

John Travolta

John's Lament for John Davidson

Joinin' A Gym

Jolson Disco Medley for Don Steward


Junk Food Disco

Just An American

Just An Honest Mistake for Danny Kaye

Just Because

Just For The Fun Of It for Dinah Shore

Just Leave Everything To Me

Just Up Ahead


K-K-K- Katy for Mel Tillis

Keep Away

Keep It Moving from Laugh-In for Sammy Davis Jr.

Keystone Cops for Laugh-In

Kickapoo for Pappy Yokum & Dogpatch Girls

Kids for Margaret Hamilton

Kid Turned

Ko-Quack (Friendship)


L.A. Is

L.A. Medley

Labor And Management

(The) Ladies

Lady Bird for Ruth Buzzi - Laugh-In

(The) Ladies In My Life

Ladies Lingerie

(The) Lady Had Stars In Her Eyes

Lady Of The Chorus

Land Of A Thousand Dances

Land Where The Little Men Dwell


Larney Loves You

(The) Late Show for Debbie Reynolds

Latin Lovers for Desi Arnaz from Laugh-In

Laugh At Me

Laugh It Up for Greer Garson from Laugh-In

Laugh-In Looks At The News (140) versions

Laughing Song

(The) Law Is On Our Side from Laugh-In

Law And Order (Here Comes Da Judge)

Law And Order Segment for The Osmonds

Layaway Play for Jackie Joseph

Leading Lady for Diana Ross from G.I.T. on Broadway

Legend of Harry Samson

Legendary Ladies for Carol Burnett and Cher from Cher Show aired May 11, 1975 on CBS

Legend of Lady in Red from Ann-Margaret Act 

Leoma Lee

Let's Get Down To Business

Liberated Woman for Danny Kaye

Life At The Monastery from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Life's For Living form Ann-Margaret Act

Life Isn't Easy for Patty Weaver 

(A) Life If Crime

(The) Life Of The Party for Lily Tomlin and Willy Nelson

Listen To The Music

Listen to The Radio Sittin' by the Freeway Blues for Dennis Weaver Cher Show Episode 13 aired May 11, 1975

Lights, Camera, Action for Joel Grey from The Academy Awards '72

Like Yourself for Danny Kaye

Lily From The Lighthouse

Limericks for Cher, Wayne, Nancy

Little Bo Peep from Hudson Bros. Razzle Dazzle Show

Little Italy

Little Leaguers

Little Miss Muffet from Hudson Bros. Razzle Dazzle Show

Little Red Riding Hat from Cotton Club '75

Little Red Riding Hood for Juliet Prowse

Live Life A Little


Liza from Billy & Marvin at Studio One

Lock Up Edna Minstrels Are A Comin'

Look At Me Now for Danny Kaye

Look At That Face for Victoria Principal and Don

Look At Us from Best Friends

London Running Order

Lou The Christmas Kangaroo

Loud for Jo Anne Worley from Laugh-In

Love Life for Joyce Jameson and Billy Barnes

Love-In for Laugh-In

Lovely Boat

(The) Luau for Monty Hall from Monty Hall at Sea World

Lucky for Eileen Barnett from Movie Star

Lyin' Man

Wacky World

Waggin Old Dog Rover

Wagon Song

Waitress Of The Year for Gladys Knight

Walnut Clan

Wanderer for Sally Struthers from Bobby Vinton Special

War Finaletto from Baby Face O'Flynn

War Is Fun for Peter Lawford

War Toys for Laugh-In Cast

War Trio for Laugh-In Cast

(The) Warner Brothers

Was It Worth It?

Washington Secretary News

Watchin' The Money from Baby Face O'Flynn

Way Back Then from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

We Ain't Gonna Take Our Clothes Off Tonight

We Could Do It Better (partial)

We Dig The British for Cast of Laugh-In

We Kept It Off for Weight Watchers

We Know How To Do Everything for Peter

We Like to Boogie Woogie

We Love The Law (Here Come The Judge)

We Made A Machine for Goldie Hawn, Judy Carne, Connie Stevens

Weather Report

Wedding Night

Weekend Athlete for Bill Cosby

Weight Watchers for Buddy Hackett, Johnny Brown

Weird, Weird World of Entertainment for Laugh-In

Welcome To The Movie Star Canteen from The Forties Musical for Juliet Prowse

Welcome To The Villa Ragacci from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Welcome The Boys Back

We'll Meet Again from The Good War

Well Did You Evah? for Wayne Newton for Vegas Barbecue

Well What Do You Know from In League With Ivy

We're Gonna Make It for Danny Kaye and Weight Watchers

We're Sisters

West w/Paul Weston for Fess Parker, Client Eastwood, Buddy Hackett, Dan

Western for Movie Star

What Am I? for Danny Kaye

What Am I Gonna Do? from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

What Are We Going To Do (Opener)

What Are We Going To Talk About

What Do You Have To Do

What Do We Have To Hold On To

What Does She Mean By That? for Danny Kaye

What Ever Happened to Chicago?

What It Takes To Make A Movie from Lil Abner

What Would We Do Without Commercials w/Earl Brown 1974

What's That? for Sandy Duncan from Pinocchio

What's Waiting In The Next Life

Wheel Around from Tambo and Bones

When I Kissed You Last Night from In League With Ivy

When I'm Rich And Famous

When We Gets To Hollywood from Lil Abner

When We're In A Crowd for Florence Henderson

When Will I Ever Grow Up? (If I Could Start All Over) for Sandy Duncan / Pinocchio

When You Smile for Ruth Buzzi and Boys

When You Went Away (A Valentino Tango)

Where Are Your Children Tonight from Billy Barnes Revue / Laugh - In 1968

Where Art Thou

Where I Come From for Danny Kaye, Cyril Ritchard, Eddy Arnold / Danny Kaye Show '66

Where In The Hell?

Where In The World from Best Friends

Where Is The Clown for Judy Garland Show

Where Is The Dracula For Me? for Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence /Carol Burnett Show

Where Is The G.I. For Me? from The Forties Musical for Juliet Prowse

Where Was The Music from Billy Barnes L.A.

Where Were You?

Where Would We Be Without T.V.

(The) White Cliffs of Dover from The Good War

Who Is? for Bob Rogers from Billy Barnes Hollywood

Who Killed Poor Old Cock Robin for Danny Kaye

Why Can't You Leave Us Alone for Arte Jonson, Pam Rogers from Laugh-In

Why Does A Woman?

Why Not Me? (Why Not Petula) for Petula Clark

Why Was I Born Beautiful from Best Friends

Wigs! for Rip Taylor

William Desmond from Billy & Marvin at Studio One

Without Your Nose for Danny Thomas, Mark Hudson

Wizards for Sonny, Cher, Billy, Ted from Sonny and Cher Show

Wonderful Girls

Wonderful Minstrel Band

Wonderful Ragtime Band

Wonderful World Full Of Love for Julie Andrews from DisneyWorld Opening


Women In Our Lives

Wooden Soldier News

Words for Goldie Hawn

Work Song Cycle

World Is A Carnival

World Is Yours

Worst Finale In The World for Tony Orlando

(The) World Is A Mess for The Jackson 5 from the Cher Show

Would I Lie To You? for Arte Johnson, Alan Seuss, Henry Gibson, Dick Martin

Wuxtry Wuxtry




Ya Gotta Lie

Year To Forget

Yogi Sixties for Jo Anne Worley, Teresa Graves

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet for Rue McClanahan, Betty White,  Georgia Engel, Earl, Peter

You Can Be Anything

You Can Her Her 

You Can't Be A Star for Alan King, Milton Berle, George Burns, Danny Thomas

You Can't Say No to a Soldier from The Good War

You Don't Have To Be Happy w/Arte Johnson

You Got It! for Lee Grant, Alan Suess

Young People Fall In Love

You're Blasé

You're Doing The Charleston for Debbie Reynolds, Dennis

You're Gonna See It Here

You're Only In If You're Out


Zany Zelda for Ann-Margaret from her Las Vegas Act


797 Revue for Goldie , Ruth, Bob


Machines, Machines

(The) Madcap, The Vamp & The Sweet Young Thing

Madison Square Garden for Barbara Eden

Magic Circle for Ann-Margret

Magnolia Time

Mah Nah Mah Nah for Goldie Hawn, Ruth Buzzi, Bob? 

Make a Little Magic for Angela Lansbury from The Academy Awards '73

Makin' Whoopie Paraody for Lynda Cater

Mal Der Mer for Loretta Swit

(The) Man Behind The Woman

Many Faces of Comedy

Marionettes for Richard Crenna

Marital Infidelity

Marco from Murder at the Villa Ragacci

Marilyn Monroe from Ann-Margaret Act

Marry Me Fatima

Marry Me My Darling

Marsha Welby's Happy Hospital

Me And My Family for Mod Mod World from Laugh-In

(The) Me, Jane Mother

Matinee from Billy & Marvin at Studio One

Mediocrity from Billy & Marvin at Studio One

Men Of France

(The) Men of Shiel for Harvey Korman

Mermaid Mother for Barbara Sharma

Merry Monstrel Show

Meter Maid

Mickey Moon Club

Middle Child from Best Friends

Milhaus from Billy Barnes Showbiz

Minnesota Girl from In League With Ivy

Minstrel Man

Minute Tree

Miss Galaxy for Robert Goulet

Miss L.A. of 1921

Mister Valentino

Mitzi for Mitzi Gaynor

Mod Mod World from Laugh-In

Modern Mothers

Morocco Parody for Hope and Crosby

Most Nauseating Song From A Disaster Movie

Mother Bell And Her Ding-A-Lings for Eve Arden

Mother-In-Law for Kaye Ballard & Cast from Laugh-In

Movie Medley

Movie Star Opener

Movies Is My Life

Movies Ruined My Life - 30's from Movie Star

Movies Ruined My Life - 40's from Movie Star

Movies Ruined My Life - 50's from Movie Star

Movies Ruined My Life - 60's 70"s from Movie Star

Mr. Hastings

Mr. Marmaduke's Dancing Class for Liberace

Mr. Rozmanko's Love Song for Goldie Hawn and Arte Johnson from Laugh-In

(The) Mummy Mother for Lily Tomlin from Laugh-In

Murder at the Villa Ragacci

(The) Music Halls for Danny, Petula, Stanley

(The) Music Store Song for Mac Davis

(The) Musical Fairy Tale for Dinah, Diana, Dick, Dan from HEP

(The) Musical Question for Victoria, John, Keith, Beau

My Automobile for Sandy Duncan 

My Heart's Alone

My Heart Is In Your Hand (Marsha Welby) for Cher

My Ideal from Forties The Musical for Juliet Prowse

My Inner Child for Jo Anne Worley from The Divas Album


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