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Events, Fundraisers & Giving

The Billy Barnes Foundation Sponsors a cash gift to the winner of THE BILLY BARNES AWARD FOR BEST CABARET PERFORMANCE at the Robby Awards.

Jeffrey Scott Parsons - 2019 "Creating my show COMFY was one of the most beautiful and terrifying experiences of my career thus far. It was then I realized what a profound symbol the cabaret experience can be for owning our life stories. To then be recognized through the Robby Awards and the Billy Barnes Foundation for that personal experience was not only validation, but also enabled me to continue sharing the message COMFY was all about. With the cash prize I received, I was able to perform the show up and down the west coast, and the conversations with people (both LGBTQ and not) after each performance are the things I'll never forget. I'm so grateful to The Billy Barnes Foundation.


L'Wonderful, L'Marvelous, Legrand - 2020 Cast: L-R Daniel Thomas Bellusci, Brittney Bertier, Ellie Birdwell, Bruce Kimmel, Kerry O’Malley, Jenna Lea Rosen & Robert Yacko.

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